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Mature content
A Wish Once Wished... Part 1 :iconmeliran:Meliran 43 3
A Pokemon TG Story
"So Ash, are you excited for the big party?" asked Serena
"I sure am" replied Ash "After getting my 5th gym badge, I need to relax before training again. This big party at that mansion sounds amazing!"
Ash and Serena, after parting ways with Bonnie and Clemont for the weekend, had recieved an invitation for someone's party. Ash believed it was meant to celebrate something important and seeing how he was getting a reputation for being a very smart person (not), he was happy to be invited. The invitation also said to bring someone along so Ash had to think about this. Bonnie was too young to be going to a party, which left Clemont and Serena. Clemont was very interested in stopping Bonnie from getting Clemont a girlfriend or someone to look after him. Serena was a Pokemon performer and loved to explore the region with Ash. When Ash made his decision and chose Serena to come along, Clemont didn't mind at all. He couldn't risk leaving Bonnie on her own for the weekend. So when he heard Ash
:iconplayzgames17:PlayzGames17 42 14
Mature content
They Always Find Out - tg :icondinodragon9000:Dinodragon9000 20 10
TG Child Swap
It was an early morning weekend as Josh (23) was driving over to his aunt and uncles house. Jobless at the moment, he was asked if he could watch there daughter as well as his cousin Kendra (9). His aunt and uncle were heading out for there anniversary weekend and needed a sitter for Kendra. The odd thing was that she requested Josh specifically instead of the usual sitter they had, no it was either her cousin Josh or they can't go apparently. Deciding that he could use the money Josh thought what's the worse that could happen.
On the drive there, Josh couldn't help but think of where his life was now. Just fresh out college and two years later still could not find steady work. "Sometime I wish I could go start my life and make it different." He moaned to himself as he pulled into his aunt and uncles driveway.
Knocking on the front door and there was lil Kendra to greet her older cousin. "Uncle Josh, your defiantly the one I wanted!" She said as she hugged him. "Okay kiddo, it's good t
:icontgrebel2:TGrebel2 35 3
Mature content
TG Ghostly Possession - Goth :icontgrebel2:TGrebel2 43 2
A body, two souls and a fluffy tail part 2
Jeff was there astonished by the reflection in the mirror, the curves, the clothes… especially the fox tail and ears, why was he looking exactly like Mia when he see her?!
"N-no way" say Jeff with the voice of Mia "I… I'm dreaming right?"
He slowly moves his hand to his head and pinches the triangular ears on top of his head, only to feel the pain and make them twitch by reflex?! Wait, he make the ears twitch?! For him it couldn't be real, did Mia actually manage to kill him with her super human sprint she did a few hours ago? Did his life end without being able to accomplish anything?! He starts feeling dizzy just at the thought, but just like that he loses control of the body.
"Is it morning already? Wow, I'm so hungry" Say Mia now controlling her own mouth, stretching up "Hmm? Why did you let me control your… eh?"
Mia saw her own reflection in the mirror and froze up. She starts waving her hand, to see if the reflection will do the same. Just like Jeff, she moves h
:iconfoxpower93:Foxpower93 105 71
Wishful Thinking (Chapter 4)
“So what will it be master?” She asked. Amber had been sitting on my bed for a long time, just gazing at me as I paced back and forth. “What will my new vessel be?”
“I don’t know! Can’t you just stay in your bottle?” I asked.
“The bottle is indeed my vessel now, but most masters of djinn prefer to keep their djinn tied to personal items that they carry with them often. This way it is easier to have me with you wherever you go.” Amber insisted. “It could be anything. A watch? A ring? A pocket knife?”
“J-just hold on a second!” I snapped. “Having you along seems…a bit much. I mean would you be with me when I go to school? To church? To…the bathroom?”
“Master, as your humble servant, I am bound to you! It is my purpose to be at your side!”
“So much for privacy…” I growled. “Look Amber, I just…don’t want you following me everywhere.
:iconthe-knight-writer:The-Knight-Writer 29 34
Beware the Magic Fan (Episode 11)
“You look fine, Marcus.”
“I feel ridiculous.” Marcus snapped back. Maoko and Marcus were walking down the sidewalk towards the café where they were to meet Molly. Marcus was dressed in the clothes Maoko had picked out for him yesterday, and to Marcus’s relief, his hair had remained cut and short, though Maoko had not taken it as well.
“I swear, what you did to your hair should be a crime. It was so lovely!”
“Who would want all that hair!?” Marcus argued. He shoved his hands in his pockets and tried to focus on the path in front of him, not looking back at Maoko who was tsking and shaking her head in disapproval.
“Now listen, Marcus…Molly probably won’t recognize you when we go in, so we’ve got to ease her into the reality that you’re the Fiery Gale.”
“Ease her into it?”
“You know…take the process slow. We need to explain to her exactly what’s going on and how it
:iconthe-knight-writer:The-Knight-Writer 18 12
Ryoga's Girlfriend Ch4(RanmaXRyoga)

Mewtwo is seen, then following him is Mew as they seem to be traveling near the moon's orbit. Then the screen cuts to a side close up of Ryoga's face as he's dressed as Poke'mon's main protagonist; Ash Ketchum. Background music is heard throughout this screen.
I wanna' be! … the very best! Like no one ever was!
Ryoga's head was tilted down with his eyes closed, that was until he opened them with a firm determination and tilted his head upwards, the camera then cuts to a shot of Ryoga standing in an empty Poke'mon stadium, all the lights flashed on him while the camera pulls back.
To catch them is my real test! To train them is my cau-

The entire screen changes into static, the static vanishes and is replaced by a black screen. Big red words flash over the screen...
Error! Error! Error!
Cuts to the Ranma ½ opening theme song. And thus, the real story begins...
Humiliation was one of the very few words Mousse had co
:iconkiyomumitsue:KiyomuMitsue 2 0
A decisive battle between queens and kings
A decisive battle between queens and kings
“It sure is dusty in here”, complained Marlon as the dust on top of the crates filled the air around him.
“Don't complain, we promised that we would help my aunt at tidying up the old attic”, replied Pièrre while still looking into a crate filled with antiques of various kinds, ranging from old books, over porcelain cups up to old clothes, before adding, “You do know why we came here right?”.
Marlon just chuckled, “Heh, I do remember. If we find something interesting, we are allowed to keep it for ourselves.”
Pièrre nodded approvingly as he took out an old wooden rectangular block with an unusual elegant pattern on top of it.
“Yep, you got it! I'm sure that there's quite a lot of treasures waiting for us and speaking of treasures, look what I've found!”
Without hesitations, the both of them came together to inspect this object which had drawn their curiosity
:iconkanuto-kun:Kanuto-kun 40 34
Mature content
The Magic Fitting Room: Athletic TG :iconashtgfem:AshTgFEM 86 18
Mature content
Mystery Device (tg) :iconunorginalusername:unorginalUsername 46 0
Metamorphosis (Chapter 25)
“How’d it go?” Grandpa asked as I walked back inside, nearly collapsing as I suddenly became aware of the weakness in my own knees.
“Give me a minute.” I begged, stumbling to the table and sitting down. Grandpa looked me over and gave one of his infamous smiles. Because of his thick moustache, it always looked like his upper lips was being swallowed and his lower lips was growing around it. It was a surreal image that always made me want to laugh, and Grandpa would ask what was so funny, despite him knowing exactly why it was funny. I giggled despite myself and he smiled wider.
“Did you tell her?” He asked.
“Yeah, I told her the truth…and she believes me.” I said gladly. Grandpa leaned back in his seat and removed his glasses, never losing his smile.
“And how do you feel now?”
“Like I want to laugh and cry at the same time…” I grumbled.
“That’s a typical feeling when you’re being
:iconthe-knight-writer:The-Knight-Writer 48 69
Master Sim: Going Native
      As Clay walks up the stairs, I look back at my body utterly shocked.  Did he just say that he had some sort of computer program that could change me into some sort of sex goddess in the blink of an eye?  Besides, if this is true, what makes him think that he had the right to tamper with MY body?  
      This question goes off in my mind, but then I take another look at my body.  Should I really be judging Clay this harshly?  I mean, after all, he DID give me the body of my dreams.
      Another question enters my head: how would other people, especially my parents, react?  I frown.  Yeah, explaining THIS will be real fun.  Imagine me having to say to my parents “Hey Mom, hey Dad, I can’t tell if you’ve noticed, but an hour ago, some miracle happened that gave me the body of a Kardashian.  No big deal, right?”
      I bite my lip.  We
:icondafttruth:DaftTruth 153 10
Radioactive Femininity TG - Part 2
Radioactive Femininity
Part 2 – “Electric Boobs On You”
I turned to smile at my friend in the other group. In answer to my smile, he brushed aside a sleek, straight curtain of beach sand blond hair from his face and wiggled his eyebrows like twisting, dusty comets.
When I turned back, Ramirez had a different face. I jerked away and gave a sudden yelp as though an insect had just zoomed for my face. Sophia followed me with a little gasp and a pained clench of her too-white teeth.
“What that fuck, man?!” was Salvador’s squinting response. What he didn’t realize was the height he’d gained back at the nurse’s office was beginning to recede from him again. Also, his ponytail, which once ended in a crumpled lump on his neck, now stretched straight over his shoulder with a dark, silken shimmer.
As for Ramirez, what I saw just wasn’t his face anymore. If you squinted and tried hard you could kinda push features around in
:iconmajorkerina:majorkerina 45 28
Mature content
The Magic Bra : Chapter 6 - A TG Story :iconjumboshirmp:Jumboshirmp 206 91





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